Airport Stories

So, I’m sitting at the Heathrow airport, have loads of time before my plane’s departure (I am paranoid about missing a flight – which happened once because I slept in, so to put it short, because of my stupidity – hence I am always heading to the airport very early – so early everyone says it’s absurd), and loads of time to observe people, walk around the terminal, and drink coffee s l o w l y. “I have loads of time” – that sounds so weird, after an intense last term of university and hectic last week, which made me pull an all-nighter for the first time this academic year. And as much as I love travelling and flying, I was for some unknown reason very anxious on my way to the airport. But as soon as I arrived here, everything has been smooth and easy – and compared to my last experience of terminal 1, it is a surprise. First thing – Heathrow is empty today! Well, not completely empty, but Heathrow-empty for sure. And it’s a Saturday… Last time I was here there was an almost one hour queue to the check in desks. Today there was no one. So I could choose from about fifteen counters. And when I randomly did so, heard a perfect-English-said ‚can I see your boarding card and passport, madame?’, showed my documents… then I heard a perfect-Polish-said ‚leci pani do Gdańska?’. Oh well. Wait, that’s not all. When I confirmed that I was indeed flying to Gdańsk… I was asked from which part of my city I come (the conversation was in Polish of course). And got to know that the lady comes from Gdańsk as well and lived literally ten minutes from where I live. As there was no queue we had a little Gdańsk-is-an-amazing-place sentimental talk, and when I said that I am studying history of art in London she was truly amazed and positive about it – unlike the standard “erm… so what do you want to do with it in life?” reaction. So, so nice.

Then, the part I usually hate (well who likes being almost stripped down publicly?) – the personal scan. And again, a nice surprise. No queue (well why would there be one, if there was no one at the check-in), so no (or at least, less) stress. There was only one very elegant gentleman (very fashionista with a twist), who used like four or five boxes for his ‚gadgets’. And so he almost forgot his glittery shoes.. (yes, actually that’s possible, to forget one’s shoes, didn’t I mention how stressful this airport procedure is?). I kindly handed them to him and he smiled and said ‚thank you, beautiful’. See, not all very well-dressed (High Street well-dressed) people are arrogant, as I’ve heard too many times recently.

I wanted to mention the shop assistant in one of boutiques but it’s his job to be nice so I will skip that. Still, though, he was nice-nice, not shop-assistant-nice only ;-)

So, I am still drinking that same coffee I was drinking when I started writing (I told you, slow coffee drinking time!). The moment I sat down, they started playing The Smiths in the cafe (I was really impressed with that), and right then a girl sitting next to me (no more than ten years old) starting singing! I mean.. wow. A ten year old who knows the lyrics of The Smiths songs? Maybe it’s normal in this country, I don’t know. Still, wow.

** Munich update.

Japanese with Louis Vuittons in a massive queue to the refund tax point.
No free wifi. Whaaat.
Free coffee. Yeaaaa.
Free newspapers. Yea-a.
Free German newspapers. Ja ja ja.
Polish people waiting for the flight to Danzig (ok they display ‚Gdańsk’ as well but I swear they keep ‚Danzig’ longer), complaining in annoying Polish voices. Sad but true. Always complaining.
So I put on Łona – ‚nic z tego nie będzie’. Perfetto.



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